About Us


TMMA before was known to the public as Hao Tien and promoted Taiwan’s most successful MMA event (TFKC). However, before MMA was known to the public in Taiwan, Hao Tien struggled to make ends faced tremendous financial pressure and ultimately forced to shut down. In 2009, TMMA now CEO and the King of Sanda Jason Chang decided to take over to continue operations. TMMA has led the students of the gym to compete in numerous competitions and won many national titles in Boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

the main focus of direction the developed through the years of operations could be summarized below:


TMMA has cooperated with Sports Universities throughout Taiwan. Many top college athletes that are most are part of the national team has joined the team allowing the gym to become one of the most professional combat sport training centers in Taiwan.

Fighter training and career

TMMA provides fighters opportunity to actively compete in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand. TMMA has also provided a great opportunity for fighters to continue long lasting careers in the field even after a career of competing.

Coach development

through internal training and the assistance to achieve professional licenses, TMMA provides coaches great opportunity to combine both theory and technique for the most scientific training, and assists each individual coach to become great coaches.

Management development

TMMA gives opportunity and provides professional management education to its staff members. Forums and seminars are regularly held for managers and coaches to not only be able to fight and compete, but to develop staff members to become all around partners that can also run a team of its own.


TMMA has established the first Muay Thai organization in Taiwan, mainly focusing on promoting the sport and events in and out of the country. The organization has sent out any deserving athlete to compete and represent Taiwan!

Core team

Until 2020, TMMA has established five training centers across Taipei and has over 10,000 members. Coaching staff is led by Kelvin Lo, Tang-Ai Wu, Sheng-Yu Tsa and over 40 professional coaches. Over 70% of TMMA’s coaching staff has various national titles or have placed top three in the nation.

Event & Seminars

Aside from classes taught by TMMA’s outstanding staff, TMMA also invites professional athletes and coaches from domestically and all over the world. TMMA in the past invited K-1 Champion Takeru Sekawa, K-1 Gym head Coach Ryuji Kajiwara, Hiroya, Hong Kong Champion Fu Tak, Tik Chan, Muay Thai Champion Bunsit, Taiwan Boxing legend Rocky Lin, national team members, Hsu Hua-Yen, Wang Ye-Hao, Zhou Ting-Yuan, Liu Tai-Jun, Chiu Yi-Jun, and of course renowned Muay Thai teacher RanLee.

Combat Gear Supply and sales

TMMA has rights of distribution and dealership to 17 professional combat sports brands from all over the world.

Many years TMMA has been working diligently regarding the mentioned above. The goal is to integrate martial art into people’s lives providing not just a physical but mental aspect to the sport.