What is Trial Class? How do you sign up?

To promote the benefits of combat sports, TMMA provides the trial class for everyone to try. Through fundamental kickboxing teachings, it will enable first times to truly experience how class s run and taught here at the gym.

Welcome to reserve and sign up.

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I've never taken any martial art classes before, will I not be able to follow along?

Our classes are divided into Basic, Intermediate, and advanced classes. Basic classes are taught from the very fundamentals, from practicing ready stance, movement, and numerous single techniques. Depending on the levels in class, the coach will gradually add on to the fundamental building blocks.

What is the difference between group classes and set scheduled classes?

Group classes are (8 class credit/3 month expiration/can be used in group classes across four gyms) or (monthly plan/only can use in purchased gym), group classes are specifically shown in each gym's respective schedule. Set schedule classes range from 8-12 classes per set. Classes will be separately announced, and classes cannot be made up if missed. Classes are in rogression, so if you would like to train in a consistent training schedule, it may be suitable for you.

Do you offer private Training?

For people who like their own space and set goals, TMMA provides a roster of professional coaches that can customize courses for your sole needs, below are the three stages where you can achieve health and confidence.

  1. Coach will assess and communicate with you regarding your goals and body condition.
  2. Coach will devise a training plan along with professional guidance.
  3. Coach will follow up with your progress, ultimately to gradually take steps closer towards your goal.

Do you provide corporate rates?

For classes starting with 10 people, we offer private corporate classes. Schedule, classes, coaches can be customized to needs. We urge corporations, organizations to give us a call for more information!

Chung Hsiao Gym:02-87719195

Tien Mu Gym:02-28340000

Shuang He Gym:02-89237799

Nei Hu Science Park Gym:02-26581177

San Chong Gym:02-89819000